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Circles (lesbian sex story) (Read 1420 times)
03/05/08 at 00:08:23

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by Cockatoo

Jeff is a jerk. The son of a bitch is messing around with my friend Tonya and

doesn't think I know about it. Either that, or he just doesn't think, period.

I should have known better from the beginning. Jeff wears a digital watch, and

I hate digital watches. Where's the poetry in "4:58pm"? It clings to the death

throes of an exhausted hour and it anticipates another which will slowly waste

away. Really depressing. Besides, digital watches and clocks are precise and

insistent, even when they're totally wrong, just like Jeff, the anal-

retentive linear thinker. You know how annoying it is when the clock on a VCR

will blink on and off, saying It's exactly twelve a.m.! It's exactly twelve

a.m.! forever and ever until somebody sets it straight? Turn that into a

person, and you've got Jeff.

I need the constant rhythm of muffled tick-tockings like heartbeats which put

me to sleep like a baby. I love the worn-down gold of the delicate old watches

worn by ladies who aren't afraid to either show a little class or shop at flea

markets. I love feeling like it's about seven o'clock-ish and will stay that

way for a while, and when its not, it will be again tomorrow. The hands of

the clock move in slow, steady circles, just how I like the hands of my

lovers; they discover new places, and they always come back to those spots

that are just perfect.

Now Tonya, on the other hand, wears one of those little pink plastic fashion

watches. I don't mind those things so much because they usually don't even

have real numbers- maybe four little hack marks. I don't mind Tonya's watch at

all because it doesn't have any numbers on it, and besides, it's usually about

five minutes fast or slow. That's a good way to think about time. She's too

old for the flimsy plastic, but I think it's kind of sexy in a tacky little

way. Tonya is a tramp, and I say that with nothing but admiration. I'd love to

be the kind of tramp she is. She knows she's pretty, she's not afraid of

flirting and flashing a little skin, and she knows how to get off with whoever

she wants. She dresses up in worn-out old clothes and dime-store crap, she

wears bright "crappity smack-me red lipstick and metallic nail polish that's always

flaking off. A lot of people think she's weird, but the truth is that she

doesn't have to care about primping herself or being fancy. She'd be wasting

her time playing Barbie-doll with herself because she'd be just as gorgeous in

burlap and twine.

And, I have to admit... I want her. I've never done it with another woman

before, but there's a first time for everything... if I only had the nerve. Me

and the Cowardly Lion are old friends. I simply can't screw up the guts to

really approach her. Every time I even think about it too hard I get a

twisting sensation in my belly and my legs turn to mush. I get this swimming

feeling in my head and seconds feel like hours. And with her fooling around

with my boyfriend, I could no more try to make it with her than... than fly to

the moon or turn back the clock.

Besides, theres something about Tonya that's really kind of otherworldly.

It's almost like her feet don't touch the ground, but of course that's not it.

There's just something about her that people can sense, it's almost tangible,

and you're either drawn to it or it gives you the screaming heebie-jeebies.

I'm drawn to it very strongly, but I've seen lots of people (including Jeff!)

get so uncomfortable in her presence that they make up excuses to quickly put

themselves some distance from her.

So, its another lonely night with my horniness, and my fingers. I like to

masturbate by stripping down in front of a full-length mirror first. I like

looking at women's bodies, so I'm happy that Ive got one. Sometimes I do a

little dance; you know, grind my hips, shake it around a little... but that's

not for tonight. No, tonight I need it slow and calm. I try to imagine Tonya's

face on my body as I peel my tank top down off my shoulders and draw out my

breasts from my bra, but it doesn't work. Its me. I can't fool myself in the

mirror. I put the straps back up and pull off the top regular-style over my

head. I love the curve of my breasts as I lift my arms, so I hold it there for

a second. I should have my bra off for this, it's all wrong. It's a dingy old

one that used to be white, but now it's kind of gray and the elastic parts

look all wrinkly. So the tank top comes the rest of the way off and I unhook

my bra and put my arms back up. But the moment is gone.

The hell with this- its not working. Its got to be the direct approach or

nothing at all. It's a mixed blessing, but I can jerk" myself off realty

quick and come every time, just like a guy. Its better than for some women who

cant come at all, but I only come once, really hard, and it doesn't linger

the way it does when Im making love- it's just gone. I'm usually still turned

on afterwards, but Im never motivated for a second helping. So, my right hand

dives into my pussy and my fingertips twirl and swirl around my clit; my left

hand goes to my breasts and gives my nipples a few sharp twists and tweaks to

make 'em stand at attention. My juices start right up and I relax into a

comfortable, steady strumming, eyes closed, head back, I'm on autopilot. My

body does the rest.

I'm thinking about Tonya. About the way her hips rock back and forth under her

flimsy old thin skirts. Sometimes she wears old-fashioned bloomers or bicycle

pants under her skirt and just lets it fly open all the time, hitches it up to

sit down, or spreads her legs wide open. Sometimes she leaves more buttons

open than she really should- if those tops even have those buttons- and wears

a fancy bra or bikini top for everyone to see. Sometimes her straps are done

up too tightly and they don't lie flat against her skin- they're stretched

taught, leaving a beautiful little curve of her upper breasts bare, just

begging to be stroked.

Mmmm, thats nice. Time to take off those bloomers, Tonya. Thats right. Let's

see those thin little panties of yours. She tucks a finger into a leg hole to

draw 'em aside... there's her lovely muff! Ohmygod. Shes got it trimmed

around the sides, shaved like a bikini wax. That's so sexy. She knows I'm

watching her now; were sitting on the couch and drinking red wine, she smiles

at me and pulls her panties off. Silly little things, what do we need those

for? She leans in close and slides her hips to point more at me, one leg bent

and up on the couch, the other leg stuck out to the side with her foot on the

floor. She wants me to kiss it Me? Really? I couldn't I... Oh, to eat her

pussy... Ahh Uunnrmghl Unngh...! Uuuuuh!

And suddenly I'm at that moment where everything floats; my body is a mess of

jangling, twitching nerves, I don't know where anything is or what's going on,

I don't care. I'm vaguely aware of my body- somewhere off in space- pumping

itself furiously and shuddering like a roof in a hailstorm. My glands are

squirting whatever lovely brain chemical it is that makes me feel this way.

All I see is a field of white, maybe there are some black stars or ribbons

twisting through it. This place never changes. Its the same every time I

come. I see it fairly often, but I never manage to stay long. I wish it could

last forever.

I turn over and rest on my side. I'm satisfied, but kind of depressed. No,

just sad. I'd never eat her pussy. Id never get the opportunity. And even if

by some impossible chance I did, I wouldn't know what to do. I've never kissed

a pussy before. I probably wouldn't be any good at it. Oh Tonya, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

"Take off that shackle."

Hmmm? Who said that? I must have drifted off to sleep.

"You did. But this isn't a dream. You're wearing a timeshackle. please, you

have to take it off right now." The voice is soft, close in my ear, and

strangely familiar. Tonya? No. Who is that? It's not Tonya. It's a woman. I'm

in bed with some woman? That doesn't make sense. I went to sleep alone.

I open one groggy eyelid and sweep some of my hair out of my face. But its not

my hair... wait, it is my hair, but its on somebody else's head. I can't focus

on her face too well, but I recognize it instantly.

Its my face.

I'm looking into my own face, on my own head, on another body just like mine

in the bed with me, and she's naked like me, too.

No, you're not as naked as I am. You have that shackle on your wrist. It has

to go. Come on now, wake up a little." Did she just say something about how

naked we are?

How do you know what Im thinking?" I hear my own voice- the one coming out

of my throat, say. She takes my wrist and fumbles with the buckle on my watch-

Id forgotten about it before I drifted off. I'd taken off everything else in

front of the mirror.

"I remember it, that's how. I'm you. This me was you. You will be this me.

Both of us are still me, and we're sharing the same time again." She's got my

watch off now, she handles it like it's hot she holds it with two fingers like

some dead thing and tosses it towards the opposite wall. That's okay- it's a

Timex. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Her hands are still on my wrist

and upper arm, they're warm and alive and they're my hands too.

"What? This doesn't make sense. How's it possible?"

"I don't know. Im new at this. But it can be done. I'm here, aren't I?"

I looked across the room at the full-length mirror. Maybe...

No," she said, "that's not it. I'm not from the mirror. Take a closer look at


I did. She's right. My face, like everyone's, is just a little bit lopsided.

I'm used to looking at a mirror image of myself, and she... me... didn't look

like that. She... I... looks like I look in those department store mirrors

that show you how you actually look to other people. She looks like I look in

photographs. She also looks a little flushed. I touch her face with my

fingertips. She raises her head and let my fingers graze down onto her neck.

Her pulse is dancing just below her skin- her heart is pounding like a hammer.

"I came back in time. Not from very long from now. I haven't even been out of

bed, so dont ask about what's gone on in the world. I don't know. The only

thing I know is that you, dear lady, have a lesson or two to learn. We both


"Lesson? what..?"

"Shhh. I'll explain everything as well as I can. You're going to learn to be a

time traveler, and you're starting right now. Its not like it is in the

movies. There are no big flashy machines involved. It's something you do with

your mind. This, right here, is your first lesson, and my second. We're...

I... both of us... me... are on the first few steps of a long and wonderful


"I don't understand. What am I supposed to learn?"

"I've been thinking about that question, and I remember what I... this me...

said when I was you, and it's what I'm saying right now, and I'm sure it's

right. You're supposed to learn confidence."

That doesn't make any sense to me either. I ask a different question.

So what are you... that me... supposed to learn?"

'This is a practice run for me. At least that's what I was told."

"By who?"

"The me who was this me when I was you. Just right there like that."

"I don't get it"

"Me either. But we don't have to. This is just an awakening. There's plenty of

time to understand it later." She seems anxious. Eager to get on with


"You know something I don't. What is it?"

"Of course I do, Im from the future. I know everything you know now, plus

what Ive learned since, which I realty can't explain. But by now, I've

already told you nearly everything I remember that other me telling me when I

was you. But yes, I do know a secret, which you'll know when you're me, which

will be soon, so be patient."

"Who told you... who tells me this secret? Where does it come from?"

"You wouldnt believe me if I told you. Just open yourself up to this

experience and you'll see.

"I already dont believe any of this. What experience? Time travel?"

"Well... yes and no. There's a way into something like time travel that we're

already familiar with. It's... orgasms. Im here to give you one. Another


I gasp. I don't know if Im shocked or turned on. Both, I think.

"It's sort of time travel," she explains. "The moment of orgasm never really

changes, you know that. No matter how many times you come back to it, it's

still the same moment. Imagine being in a tent. Take the poles out, fold it

up, move it to another place halfway around the world. Then, set it back up

and go inside. Where are you? The same space. The same feel, the same smell.

You're in the same tent. Orgasms are like being in the same tent in different

places, but with time."

"So... I'm speaking slowly, "You- that me are here to make me- this me- come.

And then... I go back into the same moment I'm in whenever I come?"

She grins.

"Uh-huh. Im going to make you come by eating you out. I'm here- in part- to

show you that I'm good at it There's no reason to be afraid of disappointing


I feel a burning sensation in my chest and face. I'm blushing. I cant help

but look away.

Hey, remember who you're talking to. I was you just a few minutes ago. I

remember stroking off and thinking about her. The reason my heart was beating

so hard just now? I just came. I came harder and better than I ever have in my

life, and I came from getting cunnilingus from me- this me, who was this me

when I was you. At least, thats what my body was doing the last time I was in

it It's hard to explain. But anyway, I know that even though Ive never gone

down on a woman before, I know Im gonna do a fantastic job of it, since I

remember how it felt."

"If I let you, you mean-. It sounds feeble as I say it- I don't even know why

I bother. We both-I both- know how badly I want this. How badly I need it, I

don't say anything else. I find myself sitting up and spreading my legs open.

I'm dripping wet- more so than I ever imagined. She smiles and looks hungrily

at my pussy. She gets up onto her knees and shuffles over to me. She totally

messes up the sheets between her legs. Her breasts wag a little as she moves.

She has a great ass-I guess I usually don't have such a good view of my own

ass, but its nice and round and sexy. She's in position between my legs and

leans down to give me a kiss on the mouth. Oh god, I wasn't expecting this.

It's nice. Her mouth... my mouth... is soft and warm, and it makes sense that

she kisses me exactly the way I like to be kissed. She would know. I feel her

lips part slightly and the tip of her tongue flashes across the opening

between my teeth. A shiver crosses my shoulders and zips down my spine to my

hips, which thrust up against her. My body has a mind of its own, and it's

responding to her beyond my ability to control it.

"Do it..." I whisper. "Do it to me now. Please."

"Shhhh. Don't talk. Get lost in it, There's just one thing you have to

remember..." Her hands are on my tits and OW there goes one tweak to the

nipple, just like I do to myself... of course... and OW there's the other and

I can't take it anymore, just do it now, I need your mouth on my pussy...

"When you're there, don't be afraid of where you can go. You'll find a doorway

in that place. Go into it, Don't forget. Okay?"

"okay, yes, oh please..."

"What aren't you going to forget?" Her mouth is on my tits now, her hands

circle my waist moving downwards. She licks at my hard nipples, making them


"the doorway, go into the doorway..." I'm breathing it as much as Im

speaking. My heart is pounding a mile a minute and my pussy is on fire. Her

mouth moves down towards my pussy, I feel her tongue flick into my belly

button and her head is down there now. I lean my head forward and take a look

at her lovely naked ass sticking up in the air. She wiggles it a little for

me- she knows I looked. I can feel her hot breath settling into my pussy hair

and drifting across my lips. God, this is better than I could ever ask for.

Her fingers part me open slightly. The anticipation is killing me. Ohhhh.

There's a kiss. Just like her kissing me on the mouth. Now her tongue is

tracing a slow circle around me, just inside my outer folds, along the edge of

my inner ones. She's at the top and AH there's a little extra flick at my clit

but it's gone before I can do more than gasp. Now she's finishing the circle.

She does it again. Again. Again. I don't count I just enjoy It strikes me that

she's doing it clockwise, and that she "strikes twelve" at the top. But her

tongue is a crazy second hand, its wet and it keeps its own tempo; it belongs

on one of those floppy watches in a Salvador Dali painting. My pussy is

keeping a time all its own and its all the same to me! All I know is that it

changes and repeats and Im lost in it. Now her tongue runs in ripples up from

the bottom edge of my hole, dipping in pretty deep, and emerging at the top up

by my clit again and OH she's back down and OH she's back up and I need it

slower and she knows and goes slower. Steady. Every instant of change is

everything I am, I feel her lips running on the same track as her tongue just

ahead and just behind it. Her upper lip is the future. Her tongue is the

present. Her lower lip, her thick, luscious lower lip, is the past. She stabs

deep into me with her tongue as if to say "This is the moment, the moment is

now, now is forever, and everything else is just anticipation or


And she's right, god shes right, there's nothing but now, time and space have

dissolved in the river of sweet sticky syrup that flows through my thingy. Her

tongue is a speedboat dancing on the waves of my bouncing wetness, its a red

-hot poker reaming the guts out of my sloppy wet tunnel, my pussy the Dali

floppy pocket watch, and I can't feel anything else, I don't want to, this is

everything, and uuunnnnnh oh god I'm there. Im coming, I'm coming HARD. I

can't breathe, I can't see, by brain tingles around the edges like when my

foot falls asleep. everything's white and the stars are out, too... Ive never

been here so long before... Unnnh... Some of the black ribbons are floating

closer than others... that one right there's real close... she said to go

through the portal is that it? That ribbon? I can see into it... OH MY GOD!

It's my last orgasm. That's me masturbating. That's me thinking about Tonya. I

can see myself rubbing at my thingy and groaning and sweating and shaking. I

look good when I cone. I had no idea I was that sexy. If I go into that

ribbon, I'll be there with her... thats what I should do. I don't know how,

but I'm moving towards it. I just let it happen...

As I go in, Another shudder goes through me. I'm still coming? Cant be. No,

I'm getting her orgasm here- the me that was her, over there. I see. Oh, I'm

going to be there... then. I don't know how, but my body... is coming with me.

Whats happening? Everything is all fuzzy... Im not alone. There's someone

else in here with me. It's not another me this time.

Its Tonya.

"Hey, she says. "I'm... not sure what to say first here, Dawn."

I don't say anything. I'm about to walk into myself masturbating to orgasm,

and here's the woman I'm thinking about when I'm doing it.

"I should probably explain... I think this is on purpose." She smiles sweetly.

You're... a time traveler too."

"I am now. But not... your now. At least not usually. This is your first trip,

right? You told me all about it At least I thought you did. I sure didn't

expect to run into you like this."

"Let's start from the beginning." I try to sit but we're not in the kind of

space where that sort of thing can happen. We're just kinda floating, and

we're just kinda bodiless, but not really. You have to be there. Bodies? Now

that I think of it Tonya's naked, too, but I can't tell how I know.

You taught me how to do this. Some future you, you will. We're lovers- then.

You can visit if you like. I guess it's funny that you find out this way, but

what the hell. That sort of thing doesn't matter. I do it a lot. We take trips

together, but this time, you sent me on ahead to look at you like this," she

gestures towards the me whose orgasm were sitting in the middle of, "And you

said it'd be a surprise. You must have known you'd be here too. You sent me to

help with the lesson."

"Wait... you're saying I'm teaching myself to do this from the future... after

I taught myself to do it?"

Uh-huh. That's the way it usually works. You just now introduced yourself to

you, didn't you? Or aren't you just about to? It's so confusing to talk about,

it's much easier to do. But yes, most of us teach ourselves that way. I'm

really a kind of an exception, since you brought me in. Will bring me in. See,

the words just get all confused.

"Us? There are others?"

"Plenty of them. Women, men, going everywhen in all kinds of ways. You don't

have to do it with sex. Some people do it with nostalgia. Some can dream the

future. We'll meet them. But us loving each other is our favorite and best

way. Or it will be, for you. For us."

"That's nice. I'm.. I'm so glad about us. You don't know how badly..."

"Yes I do," she interrupts. "I've been watching, remember? I know you re

thinking about me in there. You've told me everything. We're very close. But

you still have to do it You have to go get me. Don't worry You will."

"Oh..." Theres so much to ask, so much to learn, but I don't know what to

say. I'm caught up in the way she's looking at me... I don't know where we

are... I was going... in there... I finally think of a question.

"How are we here? There's no way I'm still in, uh, orgasm-land?

"Oh. I'm holding you up. You would have gone in there by now. Your first trip

would be complete. I guess that's a good thing, because one of the hardest

things to do is this- just hang out in the between-time. It's not too hard to

go through, but once you've been here, really been here, like we are now- not

that 'now' means much here. You can comeback whenever you want. Maybe this is

how you're so good at it Yeah. You'd do that to yourself. And Id do it to

you, too. You want to be here? You really want to be here?"

"Yes, of course.

"Then be here with me. Be here with me for a while before you go in there.

Back into this lovely come of yours. She moves into me. J don't know how this

works-she's kissing me. Were just together, like two flames joining to burn

brighter, she's... she's making love to me. God, I don't know how. I'm loosing

it, I don't know where I end and she begins... I don't think I do end at

all... Ahhh... Oh I don't know what's going on. I don't know and I don't care!

Oh, this is everything! I'm everything, every moment of time, my whole being

is spread out across the landscape like... a thin coat of sweat This is so

complete, I could spend my life like this. I do spend my life like this, I can

see that now. This is as much a part of me as I ever was, and I can be this

way again if I every choose to stop. But I don't. I am this, with her, and

time is a liquid stretchy thing that wraps around me like a blanket.

There's enough of me to remain distinct. I don't know how, but I remember

myself. I remember my desire, and I remember that there's still so much to do.

I peel free from the everywhen where Tonya left me and I see myself below me,

and I see Tonya and me talking and making love in the middle of that orgasm,

so I go into the end of it where I- that first me- am drifting into sleep with

that wristwatch on.

Stupid thing will have to come off. How am I ever going to be a time traveler

if I'm concerned with what time it is? I go in. It's time to teach myself a

lesson. And then it'll be Tonya's turn. I can hardly wait.

But then again, I don't really have to wait, do I? I can go anywhen I want!

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