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Bob vs Paul Cockfight - Part 3 (reprint) (Read 17264 times)
09/04/06 at 18:17:27

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Bob vs Paul Cockfight, Part 3

by royhowfight

Paul wiped the greasy sweat from his forehead onto the dirty front of his overalls.  The summer was proving to be a very hot and humid one, and, like his house, the small workshop in his backyard was not air conditioned.  Paul wore no shirt under his overalls, so his chest and arms were smeared with grease and dirt, as was his face.  His hobby of working on small engines and generally sloppy personal habits left the bench, floor and walls of his shop constantly covered in a filthy grease mixture and tonight's heat was making it stick to everything that came into contact with it.  Inhaling deeply, Paul drank in the sweaty, dirty aroma of his shop and body and felt his thingy twitch.  For some reason, this smell always made Paul horny.  As his mind strayed for a moment, Paul suddenly found himself thinking of Bob.  The mere thought of his doppleganger hardened his thingy.  The nasty, sexual fights they had engaged in had taken over both men's thoughts.  Whereas they had previously avoided each other, they now felt compelled to find each other; to strip and fight and abuse each other sexually.  With a burning shame, Paul re-visited Bob rubbing his naked ass over his mouth, while Paul furiously tongued his smelly hole.  He thought of the shame and fury he felt the first time he tasted Bob's thingy and then took its entire length in his mouth.  He nerviously licked his lips as he remembered the first time he tasted Bob's cum in his mouth and felt it splatter stickily across his chest.  For a moment, he dwelt upon the dark moment when Bob's stiff meat prodded, then slowly forced its way inside his ass.  God, that had been the worst moment of all!  Then he remembered grabbing Bob's hair, and yanking roughly; twisting desperately until he escaped.  Then he remember the brief, savage kiss he and Bob shared before Paul shoved him down and felt the electrically delicious moment when he watched his own thingy violate his evil twin's meaty ass.  Paul shivered in pleasure as he remembered that moment, his hand sliding down to rub the front of his overalls over his crotch.  Nothing had ever felt as sweet to him in his life as that moment.  The memory of the angry, humiliated and, despite himself, aroused grunting from Bob as he thrust his thingy deeper made Paul moan softly.

"I know what you are thinking about," a voice hissed from the doorway.

Paul whirled around, his heart racing as he recognized the voice.  The voice that sounded exactly like his own.  "Bob!" he hissed back, eyes eyes instinctively darting down to glare at the noticable bulge in Bob's shorts.  Paul unsnapped the straps to his overalls, stepped out of his shoes and slowly peeled the dirty clothes off his sweaty body.  Bob whipped off his tshirt and removed his shorts.  The two men were naked now, eyes glinting with a wild light and licking their lips savagely.  Without a word, they lunged together.  Arms wrapped around each other and squeezed as hands roamed roughly up and down bodies, grabbing and squeezing as they grappled.  Grunting, their naked bodies ground together as the two men shoved and banged around in the confined space of Paul's work shop.  Growling, they fell to the floor, their skin soon coated with the filthy grease of the floor and their mingled sweat.  Paul spat into Bob's mouth, and Bob savagely glued his lips against Paul's and pumped a load of saliva into his hated rival's mouth as their tongues wrestled.  Both men grabbed the hair on the top of their heads and their pubes and savagely yanked.  

Bob managed to roll on top of Paul.  Their identical cocks ground agaisnt each other as both men rocked their hips together.  Bob pulled his lips away and glared down at Paul.  "My wife swore that she saw me a couple days ago when she was shopping at the mall.  She called me on her cell phone and then was confused when I answered at work.  Were you following her, you smelly assed thingy sucker?"

Paul's lips curled back into an evil sneer.  Clutching Bob's meaty ass in both hands, he pulled his twin's body down closer so that the rubbing contact between their stiff meat increased and hissed back, "My thingy got so hard watching that fat ass of hers twitch and shake when she went from store to store.  I even got a chance to glimpse of her thick black bush when she was in a dressing room.  I almost went up to her, but I knew she would figure out I wasn't you when I crappity smacked her like a real man."  .

"Stay away from her,"  Bob slammed a fist into Paul's side.  He began cocking his ass higher and ramming down on his foe even harder.

"Uuuughhhh...   Make me, you fat assed queer," Paul grunted back, kissing his foe roughly as they rolled to their sides and continued to ram their hips together.  

Both men began trading punches to the sides as their legs laced together and the rough crappity smacking between them increased.  They realized this dirty fight between them was drifting into an even more dangerous phase, and knew that they wanted it to go even further. The fight continued until they felt the growing coat of pre-cum making their cocks slimey and matting their pube hair.  Growling like animals, both men shoved the other away at the precise moment.   Both were desperate to continue, but wanted a brief break to try and gather themselves so that they could gain an advantage.  On hands and knees, they gasped for air and glared at each other.  Paul shifted his hips around until his sweaty, dirty ass rubbed stickily against Bob's.  He bumped Bob roughly, and felt a rough butt punch from his twin in reply.  The doppleganger's spread their legs and began grinding their asses togther.  As the pressure grew, their cheeks spread apart and both men groaned as they felt their assholes touch.  The grinding became harder and the thick smell of their clutching assholes filled the room.  Both men farted at each other several times as this fight progressed, each delighting in defiling the other man's body.  

"How did my thingy feel in your shitter?" Bob grunted at Paul.

"I couldn't even feel it, f*g**t.  I can't stop thinking about how you grunted like a filthy pig when I entered you," Paul hissed back.  "Will your wife sound the same when I crappity smack her fat, sweaty ass?"

At those words, Bob roared in anger and slammed his ass so hard into Paul that the other man went sprawling.  Both men scrambled to their feet, fists raised.  They exchanged a salvo of punches back and forth with no attempt to block them.  Each blow echoed with a wet, loud smack of flesh on flesh and ripped a groan of pain from the recepient and a grunt of pleasure from the sender.  As the fight took its toll, the two men slowly began to grab and hold on longer and longer between exchanges.  Eventually, they found themselves grappling  and wrestling in a standing position. Grabbing hair, they pulled their lips together into a tongue wrestling, savage kiss.  Their hips rocked together again and their cocks, fully coated with filthy grease and sweat,  renewed their grinding battle.

"Bend over, you weak bastard," Bob hissed into Paul's ear.  "I'll show you what ass crappity smacking feels like."

"After you blow your pathetic little wad, I'll crappity smack your ass raw," Paul replied, pushing Bob away and turning around.

Paul grabbed the work bench and leaned forward, this ass in the air and legs spread.  Rubbing his stiff rod, Bob probed Paul's hole, then slammed his dirty, cum slimey thingy deep inside.  Paul gasped, but held his position.  Grabbing his twin's hips, Bob roughly crappity smacked him, each thrust forcing a loud grunt from both men,  until he groaned and  shot his hot load deep inside his hated rival.

Paul slammed his ass back into Bob, pushing him away as he then pulled himself erect and forced Bob's thingy out.  Turning, he glared at his rival.  "Your turn, asshole."

Grimly, Bob stepped forward and assumed the same position.  He struggled to make no more sound than Paul when he was forcibly entered.  Paul rode Bob just as roughly as he was ridden.  Soon, Paul was gasping, and then stiffening as he unloaded inside his rival's hot shithole.  

After a brief period of time, Bob turned and faced Paul.  

"Stay away from my wife, or next time will be even dirtier!"  His eyes boring into those of his exact duplicate.  

Paul did not reply.  Both men knew this was exactly what they wanted.

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Bob vs Paul Cockfight, Part 4 Escalation

by royhowfight

Ann awoke in the middle of the night.  Her body was bathed in sweat, and she could feel the sheets tangled around her body and almost smell the aroma of Rosa's sweat.  Her pussy ached with the hot, wet desire to fight the maid again, and she knew that, in her dreams, they had been locked in battle again.   

She lay on her back, slowing her pulse by slowly breathing in and out, her hot skin cooling as she flipped the blankets off her body.  As she lay there, she realized she did not hear the deep, controlled breathing of Bob's sleeping form.  She slowly felt over to his side of the bed and found only the indentation where he had been lying.  He had taken to waking during the night, and she wondered where he went when he could not sleep.

Pulling on her robe, Ann quietly got out of bed and began to move down the hallway toward the kitchen and the family room.    As she moved, she heard the soft sounds of grunting and panting.  A sudden fear, a rush of dread, flowed through her body.  It sounded like two people fighting or having rough sex.  For a second, Ann felt a guilty twinge, thinking of the hot, nasty tryst she had with Ana.  Then she felt a cold fury that Bob was cheating on her in their own house.  She silently crept to the family room, peering around the half wall of the kitchen, and was shocked by what she saw.

Bob was in boxer shorts, wrestling some other man who looked like...  Bob.  They softly grunted as they grappled on the floor, rolling over and over.  Their bodies were covered in sweat, and, for the life of her, Ann could not tell which was which.  As she watched, she saw them slowly strip the other of the damp boxers they wore.  Hand held to her mouth, Ann watched as the two nude men, her husband and some identical twin, twisted across the carpet.  She silently gasped as she saw them furiously kiss each other, their tongues pumping deep into the other's mouth as they grabbed each other's sweaty ass cheeks and pulled their bodies tight.  There was a war going on between them, a sexual war just as savage, just as strange as the war she fought with Rosa.  As she watched them fight, Ann found the hot flashes of lust washing over her as she experienced their hate and desire.

The two twins grabbed each other by the hair, tugging the head of the other roughly as they rolled over and over.  They slapped and kneaded the other's body as they fought.  Fingers found hardened nipples and roughly tweaked them.  Short punches to the side caused grunts of pain.  Ann gasped again as she saw their hands snaked down to roughly yank at pubes and pull on the opposing thingy.  She watched the two men closely, still trying to identify which was Bob.  She was stunned to realize that she could not tell which was her husband.  Mesmerized, she watched them fight, her left hand slowly sliding to her aroused stiffening left nipple and her right hand sliding up her bare thigh to the damp curls of her bush.

The two men continued to pull at each other's hair.  Ann watched as they slowly twisted around into a 69, both men trapped between the legs of his opponent, his face pressed up into the sweaty crack of the other man's ass.  Ann felt a hot surge of shock and excitement as she watched the two men spit and then tongue each other's  ass.   They gripped each other's hips and thrust their faces deep into the other's sweaty crack. As if by a secret signal, they split apart suddenly, sissoring their legs together they thrust their asses into each other, slowly grinding until their cheeks parted and Ann could tell they were hole to hole with each other.  Remembering the hot ass fights she had with Rosa, Ann softly groaned as she watched her husband and another man grind their asses into each other, roughly stroking the thingy of another man as they rolled back and forth.  There was an explosive grunt and sound from both men, and then they slowly rubbed asses again.  There was a sudden angry flurry between the men.  They roughly yanked at the other's thingy, and tugged at pubic hair, then split apart again.

"You've been asking for this," one of the men panted.  Ann was stunned to realize even their voices were identical. 

"You queer, you has been dreaming of this," the other man panted back.  "That's why your smelly ass is here."

The men lunged at each other now. "I'm gonna shut your mouth, asshole,"  one of them grunted.

"Bring it on, queerbait," the other taunted.

The two men grabbed each other by the hair and tugged hard.  They pulled each other back into a 69, this time their mouths hungrily seeking out the other's thingy.  Ann felt like her entire world was being ripped away.  As she saw her husband take another man's thingy in his mouth, she thought of the hot, wild battle of Rosa.  An exultant rush of freedom surged through her as she realized her husband was involved in the same sick battle.

The two identical twins rocked from side to side, both sucking as deeply as they could, taking a thingy that was the mirror image of their own into their mouth and giving it the hottest, nastiest blow job either had ever experienced.  Ann panted and groaned as she watched their head bob up and down.   Then the two men stiffened, and she watched as they shot a hot wad deep in the other's mouth. 

Neither stirred for a minute, then they slowly got to their feet.  One began to dress, the other slipped on a pair of sweaty briefs. 

"I think about this all the time now," one panted.  "I want it all the time."

The other twin glared at the one who just spoke.

"Then you go into your bedroom and crappity smack that nasty assed wife of yours," he spit back.

They paused.  Both breathing hard. 

"I hate you, crappity smacker," the twin in the briefs panted as he stripped again.

"Not as much as I hate you, asshole," the other twin replied, as he stripped and the two men exchanged clothing.

Ann watched the two dressed.

"I'm gonna enjoy this," the other Bob sneered to Ann's husband, as he finished dressing in the other man's clothing.  "She probably will be able to tell its me, 'cause i do it better than you."

"She'll probably fall asleep, you crappity smacker,"  Ann's husband hissed back just before he slipped out the back door.

Ann hurried down the hallway to their bedroom, her heart racing.  She could feel her nipples hardening as her pussy getting wet.  Her "husband" was coming to bed.

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