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Adventures of Captain Sharon, Part 5 (Read 1213 times)
11/10/05 at 21:44:22

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The four Sharon's had every intention of taking an exotic honeymoon trip somewhere...sometime. But for the moment, all they could think about was ravaging each other's bodies. A large limousine was waiting in front of the church. As the four identical women piled in, the driver asked "Where to?" Two of the Sharon's said "The Four Sharon', Seasons!" They all laughed, but the driver simply grunted and began driving aimlesly around the city.

It really didn't matter where he drove to the four Sharon's. They weren't exactly interested in the scenery outside the car...only inside.

"I never thought I'd find anyone I really loved enough to marry," said Sharon-1 to the rest. "I thought I'd have to settle for some loser like Jim." They all laughed. "I know we didn't HAVE TO marry each other to stay together...after all, which of us would ever leave? I mean, this is the greatest sex in the universe. And who else could any of us have as much fun with and as much in common with? I know we didn't HAVE TO get married. I just want you to know how glad I am that we did. It just shows the world how much Sharon loves herselves!"

With that, one Sharon uncorked a bottle of champagne and the orgy-party began. The Sharon's decided they would try a multitude of sexual positions, configurations and games before the night was through. But they decided to start with a little "3 on 1." They played "spin the bottle" to decide who would be the "1". Sharon-3 was the lucky winner.

As Sharon-3 lay flat on the floor of the limo, two Sharon's sat on either side of her. They each grabbed one of Sharon-3's hands. They simultaneously began softly sucking each finger on her hands, one by one. Slowly and patiently they worked their way through each digit and then began working their way up her soft, shapely, femininally sexy arms. This was enough to get Sharon-3 dizzy with pleasure. But, as if that weren't enough, the other Sharon was busy gently kissing both of Sharon-3's bare feet and caressing her toes with her tongue, making sucking noises as she took each red-painted toe into her wet mouth. After making Sharon-3's toes and soles nice and shiny with her saliva, that Sharon worked her way up Sharon-3's calves and was up to her thighs at about the same time the other Sharon's had reached Sharon-3's breasts.

Sharon-3 felt as if she would lose consciousness as her triple duplicate lovers continued their work. Sharon-3 was also fondling every body part of thee other three Sharons' within reach. Sharon had always kept her eyes closed while making love to Jim and others (primarily because she was always concentrating on her long-time fantasy of making love to "herself"!)
But all four Sharon's made sure their eyes were wide open for this, and silently vowed that would always be their policy. None of them wanted to miss a second as they watched it all unfold...watching hands that looked just like hers, rubbing asses and tits and legs just like hers...because they were hers!

The three attending Sharon's each reached Sharon-3's pussy at the same instant. With some careful coordination, they were able to place all three tongues in or near Sharon-3's vagina at the same time! Sharon-3 heaved and bucked violently at the instant of contact, but somehow all three attending Sharon's were able to stay in position. Sharon-3 grabbed the arms of two of the Sharon's for support and began screaming wildly. "Oh yes! Oh Sharon, keep on going! Oh my God! Oh, I love me! I love me! Oh , Sharon, you are so good! Oh me, you make me so hot!"

The tremors continued below for a minute, but the three attending Sharon's didn't even need to continue their tongue-crappity smacking past the first 20 seconds. Instead, they raised up in a sitting position and watched Sharon's face as she came over and over. The three looked lovingly into Sharon-3's eyes. Sharon-3 simply ran her eyes over the faces and bodies of her three duplicates...all four kept their eyes open during the entire prolonged climax. All four were discovering something interesting: playing with each other's boobs and licking each other's cunts was great, but not always necessary. The fact was, the Sharon's had discovered that basically all they had to do to reach earth-shattering climax was simply look at each other! The Sharons' were so turned on by their own bodies that contact was merely a bonus!

After a short cool-down period, the other Sharon's lay down beside Sharon-3. The Sharon's laying closest to Sharon-3 put their arms across her. Their arms were nearly on top of one another in proximity, and those two Sharon's soon began softly stoking one another's arms. "You know, these are some sexy arms," said one Sharon. "I think I could just about cum just playing with them and looking at them and thinking of them." "Sharon, ANY part of you makes me horny!" said the Sharon on the outside of the group hug, as they all laughed. That Sharon had hoisted her leg over top of the legs of the two Sharons next to her, her bare soles gently massaging the tops of the other Sharons' feet. Her pussy was pressed hard against the legs, hip and ass of that nearest Sharon, and her box was gushing and practically stinging with desire for her "selves." The two Sharon's who were admiring each other's arms began kissing and moved to the other side of the limo. They each stretched out their arms and legs and began kissing and sucking each other all up and down their arms and legs. After a few minutes of this, they each positioned themselves (with some difficulty) so that they were rubbing their entire leg up and down each other's cunts, and sticking their pedicured toes in eachothers pussy, generating quite a bit of speed in doing so. Within seconds, both of these Sharon's lay completely spent, having had massive simultaneous orgasms.

"They did it! They foot-crappity smacked each other!" said one of the other Sharon's.
"Told you those feet were sexy!" said both of the foot-crappity smacking Sharon's. Again, all four giggled.

"Now for you, my pretty baby," said Sharon-3 to the last Sharon who hadn't been pleasured. Sharon-3 and her double quickly engaged in a hot session of "69." Sharon-3 allowed her double to lick and suck voraciously from her upper thighs, her ass cheeks and her extremely wet pussy. It didn't take the final Sharon very long. "Oh I love you Sharon! Oh I love me so much. I love "69" with myself! Oh!!"

The four Sharon's heaved themselves into one pile, a mass of sexy flesh and promptly fell fast asleep.

In the front seat, a chauffeur who was shielded from the activity in the back drove on through the night. "I've driven all over the city five times! What do those weird women want me to do now?," he thought to himself.


To be continued.....
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