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Latin Ladies in Lust (Read 1084 times)
10/14/05 at 23:56:04
M   Guest

"Latin Ladies in Lust--The Stalking" by M

The beautiful blonde entered the room and eyes turned in her direction. Claire allowed her date to slip the longish black leather jacket off her shoulders and take it to the coatroom. While being statuesque, she wasn't like many of the aspiring actresses at the party. Her full blonde hair, parted in the middle, loosely framed Nordic facial features that reminded some of the sensual actress in La Femme Nikita, Peta Wilson. The large, ice blue eyes, pert nose, unusually full lips for a natural blonde, high-sculpted cheekbones. Her makeup
emphasized all the right details, from the light blue around the eyes to the frosty pink lipstick glistening from her mouth. Minimal but making a point. The lazy, confidant smile with the perfect white teeth. The long, slender neck that led the eyes to 36D, full and thrusting breasts. Her skintight black stretch cocktail dress seemed to shape her impressive body into an hourglass. The low-cut scoop neckline pressed the firm breasts into tight cleavage. The flat stomach rippled beneath the material, and the micro mini length showed her muscular thighs and taught calves to their best advantage. All supported by black leather stilettos that thrust her firm, round ass cheeks up and out as she walked through the room. She exuded the attitude of confidence that an extremely sexy, beautiful woman in the right clothes, at the right place, with many admiring eyes on her would emit like perfume. It followed her as she was led by her date to the bar for a drink to start the evening. The attention would be entertaining.

This was a party that would be fairly international. The host and hostess were friends of her date, Nick's. An interesting affair that would enable him to parade her around, enjoy the attention, have some fun, conversation and then go home with him for a night of lust and incredible sex. No great emotional attachment. Just another chance to meet some powerful people, regale in their flirting and satisfy her sensuality. Another night in Hollywood.

The party, conversations and drink went as she expected for most of the night. Nick had circulated, hitting the right people around the patio and various rooms. She had spoken with some of the people she knew, some she hadn't. All with that air of detachment that floated around the beautiful Nordic blonde. The attitude that was missing among others in her field at the gathering who indulged in their insecurities. Until she glanced over the shoulder of a scriptwriter she was listening to and noticed a woman standing among a few people across the room. Claire's pale blue eyes casually took note of the woman, moving from head down her body to the boots on her feet. This was no ordinary "party girl". This woman seemed to stand out from the other girls there.

The woman seemed to be casually listening to the conversation, occasionally drawing on a small, thin cigar and releasing the smoke through her nose. Her hair was very dark brown, almost black, long and full, drawn back tightly into a gold elastic loop that permitted a wavy waterfall to drop down over her back. The woman's face was perhaps the most sensual that Claire had ever seen. It was Hispanic, olive-skinned, more Latin or South American. Green eyes scanned out with hooded lids under dark brown eyebrows and heavy lashes. A slightly flared yet attractive nose led the eye down to extremely full, thick lips covered
with the darkest burgundy lipstick Laura had seen. As the woman periodically inserted the slim cigar, she could see very white teeth and that the lipstick, as thickly applied as it was, left a bright mark around the brown tobacco tube. She would periodically lick those incredible lips with an equally thick, long, almost serpentine tongue. Just enough to moisten. A small glint of light reflected off the small gold ring that was looped through the woman's left nostril.

Once she could tear her eyes away from those lips, the woman's dimpled chin led Claire down to a pair of breasts that were even larger than her own, but just as thrusting and straining against the skin-tight fabric of a black spandex tank top. The spaghetti straps were mere afterthoughts over the woman's shoulders as the low-cut tank almost threw those breasts up from her chest, yet the bottom of the skimpy "belly shirt" ended above her flat, rippling stomach. Her naked arms were well-muscled and the tattoo of a dragon flowed along the lines of her left bicep. Tattoos had never really done anything for Claire, but this one seemed very erotic to her. There was a mystery and romance to the multi-colored dragon that emphasized the bulge of the woman's bicep. She obviously worked out with a body cut like that. Another small gold loop wound its way through her rather large, pouting belly button, crowning the tight stomach. Encased tightly and very low-slung around her hips, thighs, up-thrusting ass and statuesque legs was a pair of incredible black leather jeans that had a dull, flat sheen to them in the light. Probably soft, thin lambskin. The style was very popular in Hollywood these days. They ran so low on her hips that they were just above her thingy line and, if she turned around, Claire would probably see a hint of ass crack. Leather inter-lacing closed the very narrow leather material just covering her crotch. The incredible pants were so tight one could almost see the rippling of the thigh and calf muscles as the woman balanced from one leg to the other. They ended inside a pair of black leather platform ankle boots. The heels were tall and chunky, lifting those round, firm ass cheeks up and out to the world just begging to fondle them. As the woman brought the cigar to her lips, Claire also noticed the very long nails painted to match her lipstick. They were exquisite! She had always admired the sensuality of long, graceful nails on a woman. Her own were long, but not nearly the statement that she was observing across the room.

As her eyes roved over this incredible Latin Lady, Claire was shocked to feel her heart begin racing! A warmth began under the crotch of her miniscule thong underwear and began to spread up her stomach to her breasts. Her nipples--were they actually hardening? What was this happening? Was it her drink? She took another sip. The voices around her were tuning out of her consciousness. She was beginning to focus like a laser on this voluptuous woman in the tight leather pants. She observed her more closely......

The woman didn't seem to be paying much attention to the small group in conversation around her. One eyebrow was slightly arched. She continued to draw languidly on the small cigar, letting the smoke from her exhale curl around her face. It was obvious she was bored. The boredom of beauty. She lifted the champagne glass to her mouth and took a long sip. Claire could see the dark burgundy lipstick-mark that her mouth left on the crystal. She looked more closely at the woman's magnificent breasts and could make out the outline of two large, protruding nipples as they thrust out against the thin black stretch material. They were begging for a mouth to surround them. Begging for it.... Claire was careful not to be obvious about watching this woman. She would nod and say a few words to seem as if she was participating in the conversation around her. Typical party talk. But her mind--and body--was elsewhere.

As this dark, mysterious woman continued to smoke her cigar and sip from the champagne glass, she had an idea. This was crazy, but her mind was starting to transfer all power to her thingy. What was that old joke that men thought with the wrong head? It was starting to happen to her! She wasn't a lesbian, hadn't had much experience sexually with other women other than the normal flirtations, but this strange woman was having an effect on her! Claire's idea took hold of her body and she waited for her moment. She watched the woman drain the champagne glass, look around for a place to set it down. Her arm flexed, the dragon tattoo moving attractively, powerfully on her bicep. Her small cigar was almost finished as well. The woman spotted a small table behind her with an ashtray, turned and placed both down--the glass and the cigar. She then turned back again, seemed to contemplate returning to the conversation but moved away. Perhaps she was looking for a refill? Regardless, Claire watched the woman's high, tight asscheeks move sensually under the low-slung leather pants, almost revealing her ass-crack as she moved. Just amazing! The heat was getting stronger in her pussy, and the beautiful Nordic blonde decided it was now or never to put her little plan in motion. She just had to do something to connect with the Latin lady without seeming too obvious. Just had to possess something of the woman's to bring them closer in some way. Some how.....

As the woman walked away, Claire casually moved toward the spot where she had left the glass and cigar. There was just a little champagne left in the glass, she could see. And the cigar was still smoldering. As was Claire's pussy! She moved so casually, and there was so much party happening around her that she was sure no one noticed what she was doing.

Something somewhere in her mind asked her what the hell she was doing, but it was a small voice and she just ignored it. Her thingy was speaking. She had put down her own half-finished martini upon arriving at the small table, and picked up the champagne glass and cigar, very quickly, very casually. Her eyes finally left the sensual asscheeks she had been watching and arrived on the glass. There were very dark burgundy lipstick imprints on the crystal. There were the same on the small cigar. She raised the glass to her lips, paused to gaze at the lipstick. HER lips had placed them there! Those full, lush lips! She raised the glass slightly to her nose to see if she could smell the sweetness of the lipstick, and she could. There was a faint perfume odor, just a faint one. Claire licked her own lips briefly, in anticipation, then put the glass to her mouth, making sure the burgundy lipstick met her own frosty pink. A slight lick of the glass before it met her mouth and she pressed, as if their lips were joined, raising the glass, drinking the champagne the Latin woman had just drunk. She downed the champagne, savoring the tastes of both the burgundy lipstick and the remaining liquor. Taking a quick look at the glass to see the mingled pink and dark red lipstick, a quick stab of lust hit her full in the thingy. She then raised the cigar to her mouth. She wasn't much of a smoker, but she'd make an exception this time. She again gave a quick lick to the lipstick stain, then sucked on the tobacco. She inhaled the smoke the woman had just taken into her own lungs. Claire exhaled just as sensually as the other woman, the focus of her sudden sexual attention. It was one of the most erotic experiences she had ever had. Pressing her lips to the glass at the exact spot the other woman had, drinking the liquid that had passed those lips, inhaling the smoke that had passed through that mouth into her lungs. It was as if she were actually having sex with the strange woman. That burning sensation between her legs was spreading and getting warmer.

"Would you like another, miss?" She suddenly awoke from her trance. It was a waiter offering another champagne glass full of the yellow liquid. "Miss?" The tray was being extended in front of her.

"Oh, uh, yes, yeah, okay." She put the special glass down and picked up another. It had snapped her out of that weird hot fantasy she was in. She looked quickly around to see if anyone was looking at her, had noticed the risky maneuver. The coast was clear. Wow, what a strange thing for her to do... but where was the woman? She looked around again, didn't see her. She just had to move around, keep from rooting to that spot and feeling pussy juice start to drip down her leg. She had to move to another place in the room, perhaps find the woman again. She just had to find her. Now that she had tasted the woman's lipstick, smoked her smoke, she had to find out what might be next. She was beginning to feel the need for more. The question was--what would that be now? What was happening to her? What was she doing, stalking a strange woman? She had come here with a date, and felt an immediate attraction to some sexy Latin woman and was following her, drinking from her glass, smoking her cigar. She didn't even know if the woman was Latin, or with anyone. WITH ANYONE? What was Claire expecting to do? What was next? Follow her like a bitch in heat? What if someone noticed? A slight sense of fear was mingling with the horniness--it was turning her on like she had never been before.....

Claire began circulating around the party again, still holding the small cigar in her fingers, sipping from the new champagne glass. There was a good size crowd here, easy for someone to get lost in the maze. She had glimpsed the woman once, she thought--looking for the black leather pants and high, thrusting tits. But not a full gaze yet. She eventually wound up back where she started from, where she had originally seen the woman. Where had she gone? She had to find her, just had too. She couldn't have left? Her pussy was becoming frustrated....

Suddenly, she glanced to the spot of her first sighting--and there she was! Standing by that small table, smoking another cigar, in a group of chatting people! Right back where she had first seen her, after all that hunting! Her mouth went dry. Claire's thingy jumped, if that was possible! Along with her heart in her own ample chest. And her nipples quickly hardened. Gotcha! She was beginning to think the woman had been an apparition! But she was real, so real. Claire had to be careful not to make her ogling obvious, again. And now it was more like ogling than the previous glancing. Claire was lusting after this sensual, mysterious, sexy Latin woman. She pretended to be speaking with a group of people, but her mind was elsewhere while her eyes drifted over to the woman. To those tits thrusting under the black tank top. To that pierced belly button, pouting over the top of the low-slung black leather hip-huggers. Now how could she meet her? What could she do? She had to do something!

But just as Claire glanced furtively over, another strange thing happened. Something that almost caused the busty blonde to drop her own drink. The dark woman glanced over to Claire at the same time and their eyes briefly met! Claire froze. But it's what she did next that made the beautiful Nordic blonde's blood really begin to boil! As she locked eyes with Claire, the woman brought a martini glass up to her lips--and licked! But... was that Claire's martini glass? The one she had put down right there to pick up the champagne and cigar? Was that her pale pink lipstick she could vaguely see on the glass? Was it her imagination or was that HER glass?? Had she circled around? Had she seen what Claire had done before? Claire felt her face go flush. The woman drank from the half-filled glass, rather slowly--too slowly. Then take a drag from the small cigar. Was that a faint smile? Did the corners turn up on those beautiful, sensual lips? What just happened? The flush spread down to her pussy. Claire could feel a small dripping ooze from her thingy. The woman turned away again, just as quickly as their eyes had met, the episode was over. Almost as if it had never happened. Almost.

Claire felt the need to get away from the area. If the woman had seen her, she would be embarrassed beyond belief! And she didn't want anyone to see how flushed she was. She had to get away from there. She'd pretend to need her jacket, go look for that. What had she done? What was she doing? How could she suddenly be so sexually attracted to this strange woman? She saw Nick a few feet away, chatting with some people. Doing his thing. She moved over to him.

"Hey, Nicky, where's my jacket? Got a bit chilly. 'Know where they put it?" She fairly stuttered the questions.

He looked up from his conversation, "Yeah, C--upstairs, I think there's a coat room somewhere up there." He looked back to the gorgeous redhead he was speaking with. He could be an asshole sometimes. But Claire thought little of that now, she moved toward the stairs and up them to look for her jacket. It was a method to get away from the possibly embarrassing situation with that woman. If she had seen her----

Claire walked down the hall, looking in the various rooms for the coats. She felt herself getting a little more composed, but not much. Her pussy was still moist, she was still flushed. She finally found the bedroom where the coats had been hung for the guests. She entered and found the stylish black leather jacket, putting it on. It felt good on her upper body. It was thin kidskin, hanging loosely below the hem of her micro-miniskirt, allowing her full tits to thrust open the jacket. The jacket was her excuse for suddenly leaving the scene of "the accident". She briefly looked into the mirror in the room and admired herself, the sexy body, tight cocktail dress and contrasting longer black leather jacket.

Suddenly, there was a strong, female voice from behind her, "Ah, here you are, meu Gata! I've been wondering where you went off to...."

Claire whirled around. It was the woman! She was standing there in the doorway! Her throat went dry but her pussy went wet. "Uh, wha, what did you say? Excuse me?" They locked eyes once again.

"Ah, sorry for my poor English. I still haven't gotten the hang of it, as they say. But I noticed you noticing me downstairs, and I thought, ah, think you are so, ah, how you say it? Ah, you are, uh---so, uh we say 'Gostosa'." She swayed into the room. "You are so sweet, meu amor, so sweet. I thought you might like to meet me." Their gaze didn't break as the woman came closer to Claire, into the room. Ice blue eyes locked on to smoldering green eyes. Woman to woman.

"Oh, well," Claire didn't know what to say but had a sudden urge to come clean, "well, that's nice, sorry if I was staring downstairs, but you're very sweet too." She felt fairly lame with that response, but it was the best she could do under the circumstances.

"Yes, Doçura, I know. Every man I talk with down there is after my poontie, I know that. But I only give to whoever I want to." The woman smiled as she drew in closer to the blonde, only a foot or two away. "My name is Raquel. I only here for a few months from Rio. Brazil. I'm from Brazil. Where I learn my English."

"Oh, really? Well, your English is very good." She still felt lame in her stuttering conversation with the target of her lust, but her heat was carrying the words forward. "Oh, sorry, I'm Claire. Nice to meet you." Claire didn't know whether to shake her hand or grab and kiss her. This woman seemed to be very aggressive for someone new to the country.

"Well, thank you. I've studied English for several years. But I also believe there are many ways to communicate, no?" She came closer to Claire. "Shall we speak, Claire?" She came close enough for Claire to smell the musk of Raquel's perfume. It was quiet enough to hear the soft, smooth rustling of the tight leather pants as those well-muscled legs carried Raquel closer to Claire. The blonde's heart was pounding in her ample chest. While her throat became dry, her mouth began to water. The onset of girl-lust.

As the very sensual Latina woman moved closer to Claire, the blonde was at a loss for words. "Uh, sure, uh, what, uh, would you...."

Raquel interrupted as she got closer, her eyes moving to scan the black leather jacket Claire had just put on. "Ahhhhhh, Doçura--Claire--you have such a lovely leather jacket. I just love leather clothing. It looks so soft and comfortable. And the smell of fresh leather... Just so sensual, no?" The woman continued to move closer, her body actually slinking up to Claire. "Do you mind if I feel it? It looks so sexy on you. Do you mind?"

"Uh, n-no. Yes, uh, yeah, it's very comf--" But Raquel hadn't waited for permission to touch the jacket. She was finally up close in front of Claire, so close their tits almost touched. Raquel had raised her hands and placed them on Claire's arms. She began rubbing the leather up and down her arms, slowly, feeling the supple quality of the calfskin. It was more of a caress than rubbing, actually. Raquel's eyes continued to gaze at the jacket, the arms she was fondling. Heat rose between the two women. "Mmmmm, my Claire... this feels so wonderful, such a wonderful jacket. And the smell..." Raquel bent her head and sniffed at the left arm, shoulder and armpit. She drew in a good long sniff of the erotic odor of the leather. "They say leather smells the strongest at the point of the body with the most heat. Have you heard that?"

This was all happening so quickly. "Uh, n-no, I don't think--", Claire tried to respond.

But again Raquel didn't wait for the response. She slightly raised Claire's left arm, the one she had been sniffing, and ducked her nose under into the armpit. Melting into a trance of sexual heat, the blonde allowed the sexy woman access to her armpit. More long sniffs from Raquel, "Ahhhh, yes, the odor of the leather is even stronger under your arm, Doçura. This is very high quality kidskin, no?" Raquel nuzzled her nose under Claire's leather-covered arm, into the heat of her armpit. Having this beautiful Latin woman caressing her leather-jacketed arms and sniffing the animal fragrance in her armpit was a surprisingly stimulating experience for Claire. She had never had anyone, let alone a woman, do this to her before.

Raquel raised her face back up from under Claire's arm and gazed into the feminine pale blue eyes. "Do you like the feel of leather, Claire? Do you enjoy that?" Her hands clutching the leather-jacketed arms drew the buxom blonde closer in to her body. And their breasts finally touched! It was electric! From hardening nipples, Claire's teats suddenly became as small rocks. The heat seemed to spread from the nipples to the rest of her tits, shooting down to her thingy where juice began to actually leak to her inner thighs. What was happening to her? Claire had never--NEVER--experienced this kind of sexual stimulation from a woman! Never!

All she could say was, "Uh, yes, yeah... I like the feel of leather.... It's, uh, very nice on the body... feels nice to touch." She managed a small smile, showing her very white teeth, an awkward friendliness in an awkward moment. "The, uh, jacket is pretty new, feels good...uh, yes." She returned the gaze into those deep green eyes. When Raquel clutched and caressed her arms, Claire had reflexively done the same, clutching the woman's naked arms. Her hands grasped those well-muscled female biceps. Her right hand on the long, flowing dragon tattoo. She could feel Raquel's muscles moving and bulging with each movement. The skin was soft yet taught over those impressive muscles. The arms were very warm. An becoming warmer. To touch that colorful, sensual tattoo on the arm.... To caress it....

"Ahhh, so you like it too, eh? Do you like my leather jeans, Claire? I noticed you looking at them from across the room. I had them made especially in Sao Paolo. They feel so good on me, so soft and warm to my body... but why don't you feel for yourself, meu amor? Tell me if you think they are sexy to you. Here..." Raquel reached slightly up and grasped the blonde's forearms and drew them around her body, bringing Claire's hands down and directly on each ass cheek. It meant drawing their bodies belly to belly, breast to breast and thigh to thigh. If the heat hadn't been rising before, it certainly was now. Claire felt her pussy juice begin to run down her thighs, absorbed only in her thong underwear. "Yes, feel my leather jeans and let me know if you like them." Raquel breathed the words into Claire's face, the smell of Scotch, nicotine and peppermints wafting to the blonde's nostrils. A strange mixture, but one that added to her sexual heat. And now! Her hands on those hard, jutting ass cheeks that she had been admiring so much!

Raquel placed Claire's long-nailed hands on her leather-encased ass, pressing them down into the flesh to emphasize that she wanted them to stay there. Claire obliged her. At first her hands just rested on the soft, supple material. Raquel removed her own hands and ran them up Claire's arms to her shoulders. Quickly the sexual shock of the moment broke and Claire realized what she should do next. She began feeling those cheeks, palming those full, rounded globes. She reveled in the contrast of high, hard female ass yet soft, sensual leather. And she squeezed and rubbed Raquel's ass. Her sexual instincts were taking over, leading her in a direction from which there was no return. As she rubbed, Claire realized that the jeans were so low-slung that the top part of the woman's ass was exposed. Along with fondling Raquel's leather-encased ass, she moved her hands slightly up to feel the globes bulging above the pants-line. She felt the heft to those jutting cheeks. She could have easily slipped her hands inside for skin-to-skin contact. But she was enjoying the sensual quality of the leather so much, it just was not the thing to do yet. She moved her right hand, fingers extended, over to the crack of the woman's ass. The pants were so tight that the furrow was very well defined. And, as she let her forefinger follow the cleft up, she discovered there was a small amount of it perceptible to the touch above the waist of the jeans. Yes, that was a small amount of ass crack jutting up above the pants waist! Perhaps only a half-inch, but delectable nonetheless! Claire lightly fingered the exposed ass crack and felt an overwhelming urge to whip the woman around, kneel down, and bury her face in that leather-covered feminine ass, nuzzling her nose and mouth in the warm, fragrant lambskin. Breathing in the intoxicating odor of female asshole and leather. Reveling in the intimate smells and senses as she could sniff deeply of that special scent. But somehow she knew that would happen eventually. This action between them was leading only to one place, she knew. Now for the moment she was satisfied with the increasingly passionate body to body pressing and the fondling of the sexy Latina woman's tight butt and crack. And the feel of those long fingernails in her hair! Claire could feel sweat begin to drip under her arms. Her leather jacket over the skimpy cocktail dress was holding the increasing heat from her body. She could feel the few sweat drippings move slowly from her armpits, down her sides and arms. It began to add that animalistic odor of sweat to the cloud of perfume and leather that enveloped the two clutching women.

Claire and Raquel gazed into each other's eyes. They were becoming heavy-lidded with lust. Their height was about the same, so their faces were level with each other. Raquel slid her hands up Claire's shoulders and into the thick blonde hair. Her fingers splayed into the luxurious hair and her long, burgundy nails scratched sexily at the woman's scalp. The brunette alternated between languidly scratching the blonde's scalp and slightly squeezing the hair at the roots. It was an intoxicating technique that heightened Claire's sexual stimulation. It also enabled Raquel to bring Claire's face closer to her own.

"So do you like, meu amor? How you like my ass?" Raquel breathed.

"Very nice, Raquel. You have a very firm ass, and I love these jeans." Claire's voice lowered in lust. "So niiiiice." The word almost hissed out of her mouth as she continued to massage the leather-covered cheeks, her eyes moving between those sexy eyes and the woman's full, sensual lips.

"Oh, so nice, I'm glad you like.... Perhaps I'll let you wear them some time. They would look so nice on you, Doçura. And I'm glad you like my ass. I work out very much. Would you like to see something else I have that is very sexy?" Raquel gave Claire a slow smile that made the answer obvious.

"Sure, and what might that be?" Claire's voice was coming back to her, the passion she was feeling becoming more of a natural thing, less confusing.

The two beautiful women's faces were only inches apart, warm breath flowing out over each other as they spoke. "Here, I'll show you." Raquel said as she parted her incredibly sexy lips. "I think you'll like this." With that last word, she began sliding her tongue out along her lips. Out and out and further out. It was a thick, curving, yet pointy-tipped muscle. It was one of the longest yet sexiest-looking tongues Claire had ever seen. Raquel bent her tongue in the middle, undulating it like a serpent.

Claire was amazed at this woman's tongue. She stared, transfixed. In a low, lust-induced whisper she said, "Oh…my…God. Ohhhhhh…." The Latina's tongue continued to undulate as it moved closer and closer, toward the blonde's own lips. Like a mesmerizing snake, it drew Claire's lustful attention, her skin beginning to crawl with anticipation. Until it was there, right….there….

"Go ahead, Doçura," Raquel whispered invitingly, "take my tongue….take my tongue….take it…." Claire felt the woman's hot breath wash over her face, smelling of champagne and lipstick. Animal instincts took over. All resistance to the idea of kissing another woman was suddenly gone. Just as Raquel's tongue reached her mouth, before it touched her lips, she groaned with passion and took it. She aggressively wrapped her own glossy lips around the Latina's tongue and swiftly sucked it all the way into her humid mouth. It was surrender to the passion that surrounded the two beautiful women.

Claire sucked and nursed on Raquel's tongue as it continued to undulate within her mouth…roiling and rolling along her upper palate, along her gums and inside her cheeks, sliding along Claire's white, slick teeth. Their feminine lips merged softly, sticky with lip gloss that began to smear between them, and soon wet with leaking saliva. Claire was surprised at how different it felt kissing a woman's lips as full and pliant as this Latina's. They were so thick and soft, like pillows surrounding the woman's teeth. So sensual, almost like a black woman's would be, she imagined. Raquel's hands clutched the back of Claire's head, massaging it in unison with the motion of their joined mouths and wrestling tongues. Claire, while sucking that hot, slimy muscle, brought her own tongue up to slide along and trace it's edges. Their breathing was ragged as they could only do so through their noses. Their mouths were sealed together with their own mixture of lipstick and saliva. Thick, stringy trails of spit began dripping down their chins. Claire sucked Raquel's tongue, sucked hard, and munched on it with her lips and lightly with her teeth. The sexy blonde tasted the special flavor of another woman's saliva for the first time, with a slight mix of sweet lipstick and tart champagne. Their mouths literally watered together with lust for each other.

Claire's nostrils flared as the two beautiful women feverishly made out in the coat room. This hot Latin bitch wanted to taunt her, wanted to dare her to release her passions? Then she would give her more than she bargained for. All inhibitions were gone, all awareness of where she was…all replaced by a searing desire for another woman…the most sensual, passionate human being she had ever encountered. Sex poured from this Latina's hot body, and it created feelings within this beautiful blonde that she had never felt before. First it was from afar, watching her at the party, stalking her like a prey. It was fantasy. But now the reality of being alone in this room, wrapped in each other's arms, the long, thick female tongue buried deeply in her suckling mouth, full lips glued together, huge breasts pressed tightly nipple to nipple…this turned the fantasy into reality with such suddenness that animal instincts had taken control of the seduction and Claire was powerless to do anything but give in to the womanly lust of the moment.

Raquel began to moan passionately into Claire's mouth. Then suddenly, almost as if she had enticed the blonde's tongue out of hiding with her own Raquel grabbed it with her thick burgundy lips and sucked it powerfully out and into her own willing mouth. The big-titted Latina hungrily nursed on Claire's tongue, returning the passionate mouth-suction with as much urgency as the blonde had given her. And Claire took advantage of the moment to explore the recesses of Raquel's mouth…licking at her teeth, gums, cheeks and palate. Her long-nailed feminine hands kneaded even more lustfully at the brunette's leather-covered ass cheeks, separating each hard globe then sliding her thumbs into the lamb-skinned anal-crack. Claire pulled the woman toward her so their cunts and bellies ground sensuously, undulating together much as their tongues were. As if they were two belly-dancers, lost in a mutual dance of grinding seduction.

The two incredibly sexy women clutched at each other, humped their cunts together and French-kissed for what seemed like hours. But it was a mere ten minutes, building the heat between them to a peak. The room was well air-conditioned, but they were sweating as if working out at the gym. They took turns sucking at each other's tongues, drinking in each other's saliva, all while raggedly gasping for air through their noses. Finally, Raquel broke the girls' kiss with a loud smacking sound. They stared like two female animals into each other's eyes, glazed with lust. Their chins were shiny with slick coats of shared saliva, burgundy and pink lipstick smeared between them. Raquel reached behind herself and grabbed one of Claire's wrists, bringing the blonde's hand up to her face. That hand had just been massaging the Latina's ass cheek and anal crack almost exposed by the low-slung hip-huggers. Without breaking the gaze between them, Raquel brought the hand up to her nose and inhaled. It was an intoxicating smell of leather pants and her own ass, with a touch of female sweat and Claire's own perfume. She closed her eyes in rapture and inhaled again, more deeply.

"Mmmmmm….meu amore, smell, smell…." Raquel opened her eyes to gaze again and turned Claire's palm to face her, bringing it to the woman's nose. "Tell me if you enjoy my scent."

Claire inhaled the fragrance emanating from her palm. It was incredible! The intimate mix of leather, female ass-flesh and perfumed sweat caused her skin to literally crawl with lust. She knew she wanted to press her face directly to where her hand had been. To nuzzle Raquel's leathered ass with her nose and mouth. If the odor were this intoxicating just from smelling her own hand, it would be unbelievable if she had her face directly glued to the Latina's ass, to that most private place on a woman's body.

She inhaled deeply again, gazing into those hooded green eyes. "Mmmmmmm, Raquel, mmmmmm……uhhhhhh…that's soooo gooooood….it's…." Before she could finish, the big-titted Latina suddenly gathered Claire up into her arms, lifting her with such easy strength that it amazed the blonde. Raquel's biceps bulged taughtly as she hefted Claire up into her arms, cradling her, not breaking the lusty gaze between them. The dragon tattooed on her left bicep seemed to move up and out from Raquel's arm as it flexed. The woman's grip was sure and firm under Claire's back and legs. By instinct, the buxom blonde wrapped her arms around the Latina's neck and drew her lips to the woman's. The two girls kissed again with open mouths, deeply and with abandon. Their faces moved side to side as tongues wrestled and lips curled together. Claire's micro-mini skirt slid up to expose her thong and the pussy juice that was dripping down her thighs. Her leather jacket fell open, allowing her outthrust breasts to jut proudly, nipples at hard attention.

Breaking their hot kiss, Raquel turned and carried Claire to the queen bed that sat nearby. She softly placed the woman down flat. The sound of heavy female breathing filled the room, nostrils flared. Without exchanging a word, the two beautiful women knew what was going to happen. As Raquel slid on top of Claire, womanly body to body, the blonde instinctively spread her legs. The Latina's right leg nestled between the blonde's, her miniskirt hiked now above the soaked thong. As further encouragement, Claire hooked her left leg around Raquel's right, pulling the brunette's muscular thigh into tight contact with her thingy.

As Raquel mounted Claire on the bed, her huge breasts almost fell out of the tight black spandex tank top. They literally poured down onto Claire's, two sets of nipples rock hard and pressing into each other. The blonde reached up suddenly and grabbed the gold elastic loop holding Raquel's hair back in the long pony tail, and with one motion slid it off. Without anything holding it in place, the luxuriant black hair cascaded down onto the beautiful woman below her.

"Meu amor…Claire… you are so sexy, so Gostosa…I want to…to devour you…I could eat you alive! Do you want me, Claire? Do you want me?" Raquel hissed raggedly.

The beautiful blonde buried her hands into the woman's full, wavy black hair. "Ohhhh….Raquel….yes….I want you too….so…much….I can't believe this….I can't believe….I was watching you….I followed…."

"Yes, Claire, I know. I saw you watching me, following me. I saw you drink from my glass, tasting my mouth then…you were so….so sexy to do that….we were stalking each other like prey…it was soooo hot, Doçura…so sexy how we found each other…." Raquel gazed again deeply into the pools of Claire's pale blue eyes. They were a study in contrasts, the sensual, dark Latin woman laying on top of the beautiful Nordic blonde woman. But there was much they had in common, a shared female beauty and sexuality. A shared lust of one female animal for another.

Raquel began to slide her leather-covered leg along Claire's crotch. The sensation it caused in the blonde's already-heated pussy was electric. She began thrusting upward, humping the Latina in return.

"Do you want me, Doçura? Do you want me to do this Claire?" Raquel breathed down into Claire's face.

"Uhhhh…yes….oh, Raquel…crappity smack me…please….I want you so much, Raquel….you're such a sexy bitch…oh, baby….please……crappity smack….me…." The heat was building in Claire's thingy as the skimpy wet thong material had slid aside and now all she felt was the smooth, warm kidskin on her pussy. Her clit hardened and rose from its hood, making contact with the hard leather-covered thigh. Rubbing up and down.

"Yessss…..Claire…I want to make you come for me….come…I want to crappity smack you, Claire….meu amor….. We are two bitches in heat, in heat for each other…" Raquel had lowered her body so that their pendulous tits were mashed against each other, rubbing together as they crappity smacked their cunts together. One of Raquel's huge tits had popped out of the tank top and was rubbing its bare skin against the fabric of Claire's dress. The two women were breathing more and more rapidly. Even though her pussy was behind the leather lacing of her kidskin jeans, Raquel's clit was hardening, her juices were running down her legs and she knew orgasm could follow soon.

"Oh my God, Raquel….it feels……good…ahhhhh…..ahhh, yes…." Claire reached one hand down to again clutch at Raquel's ass, pulling her in tightly as they crappity smacked on the bed in the coatroom. Her other hand gripped the woman's shoulder, drawing the Latina's face down to hers. The blonde's mouth hungrily searched for the woman's thick lips. Tongues reached and dove into widely opening mouths, lips enmeshing, saliva dripping freshly between them, sharing the intimate taste of another woman's passion. The two beautiful women French-kissed wildly as they humped and crappity smacked each other. Raquel increased their tempo, clutching her hands to Claire's face. Even without skin-to-skin pussy contact, they felt the approaching orgasms between them. The two women almost swallowed each other's tongues, humping with increased intensity, the odors of thingy, leather, feminine sweat, perfume and girl-saliva adding to their intimate passions. Their lust had no borders, no consciousness. It just was…..

Suddenly in an electric wave, it hit Claire first. "Ahhhhh….ahhhh……mmmmmm……ohhhhhhhh…Raquel…..ahhhh….ohhhh myyyyyy…bitch….you….bitch….!" The blonde jerked upward, spasming in her climax. This sexual movement sent Raquel over the edge as well.

ff….." Raquel's thingy spasmed beneath her leather jeans, her body undulating rapidly. She had never known an orgasm like this without skin to skin contact. Perhaps not even with skin to skin.

The two women began to come down from their orgasmic high. Their breathing was still ragged, abundant chests still heaaving. Their arms were wrapped around one another, cheek to sweaty cheek. As Claire's mind began to clear, she realized they where they were--a bedroom that doubled as a coat room at a party! And her date was downstairs! How long had they been here? How much time had passed? Had anyone knocked on the door, looking for a coat? She realized now that she was practically bathing in sweat. Her kidskin leather jacket was still around her, all askew. What had she done? What if someone was trying to get in the room? And here they were, two woman-animals rutting on this bed like the rest of the world didn't exist!

Raquel lifted her face and looked into Claire's eyes. "I can't believe that was so good, it was so good, baby…my God." Claire gazed back, slightly moving her body away from the clinch they had been in. What in the world had just happened?

There was brief awkwardness between them. But it was brief. "It was incredible, Raquel…incredible…I've never…never done this before."

"You are amazing, baby. Just amazing." Raquel's hand went to Claire's cheek, her thumb massaging. "You are so beautiful. This was so…so…"

Claire was suddenly moved with the urge to kiss the beautiful woman again. If anything to show her they were still connected, that this was not a mistake. As the shock of the moment wore off, she realized she was really--really--attracted to this dusky Latina woman. They kissed softly, their lips sticking slightly together as it ended.

"It was amazing, wasn't it? But," Claire looked around, "what if someone tries to get in the room? Look where we are."

Raquel looked around too, seeing that their passion had disheveled their clothes, hair and makeup. They must be a sight! But there was still heat in her pussy for this woman, she wasn't done yet. She rose quickly from the bed, tugging up on her low-slung leather pants to keep them from exposing her pussy and sliding her breast back into the tank top.

"Claire, let's leave together now…let's go to my place. We can have more privacy there. Will you come, meu amor?"

Claire got up from the bed as well, trying to pull her skirt down to cover her sweaty thighs, adjusting her jacket. She also knew she wanted more. Something was telling her that this was just the beginning. "Okay, yes, let's go. I need to tell my date. My date?!" Oh my, she thought, what must Nick have thought? Had he been looking for her?

Raquel suddenly grabbed Claire's hand. "Let's go, Claire, let's go now. My place is not far from here." She pulled the blonde toward the door of the bedroom. Claire instinctively squeezed the woman's hand. She didn't care about Nick.

The two heated, sweating women opened the door and quickly moved past several startled guests in the hall. Some had very quizzical looks, some smiled with amused understanding. This was Hollywood. As they went down the stairs, Claire saw Nick across the room. He looked at her with concern and began moving toward her. As her date approached, Claire didn't drop Raquel's hand.

"Hey, Claire…I was looking for you! What happened, where did you go?" He looked at Raquel, puzzled, then at their interlocked hands.

"Nick, hi, hey, well, uh, I just ran into an old friend and we're taking off. Go do your thing, don't worry about me. This is Raquel. Raquel, Nick. We're going to take off, Nicky." The girls were still breathing heavily. But in anticipation now.

Nick looked at Claire, then at Raquel. "Oh, uh, hi Raquel." Then he looked down at their joined hands again. Then their sweaty bodies. The light bulb went on. He smiled and nodded.

"Okay, babe. No problem. Go have a good time girls. I'll manage on my own. Nice meeting you, Raquel. Take care of my date here, will you?" His smile was genuine. Yes, this was Hollywood. Land of many different sexual encounters and partners.

"Thanks, Nick. I'll call you." With that, Claire smiled at her date, pulled on Raquel's hand and began moving toward the door.

Raquel looked back at Nick and grinned. "I take good care of her, Nick, no worries." She tightened her grip on this beautiful, busty Nordic blonde and took the lead out the door toward her Porsche for the short ride to her apartment. She looked into Claire's blue eyes as they settled in the car. She was a Latin lady in lust. And things were about to get hotter…..
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