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Adventures of Captain Sharon, Part 3 (Read 1017 times)
09/03/05 at 22:03:10

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Suddenly, TWO MORE NAKED Sharons walk in. "I don't know who put that instantaneous cloning machine in the living room, but I'm not complaining!" says one.

Sharon 3 and Sharon 4 climbed onto the bed and proceeded to make out with their counterparts.
The bed groaned and creaked under the weight of four busty, naked, women writhing and squirming together on it.

As Sharon 1 licked Sharon 4's neck and sucked on the soft skin, Sharon 3 fingered Sharon 1's pussy from behind, while Sharon 2 nibbled at her tits. Sharon 1 snaked her arm around Sharon 4's waist and squeezed her closer, smothering Sharon 2 between their huge tits.

Sharon 2 laughed at this, and began to lick all four tits, pivoting around inside her tit-prison. She held the tits in her hands and positioned the wet nipples together so they would press and roll against each other. She continued to lubricate them with her tongue. Sharons 1 and 4 moaned in pleasure at this.

Sharon 2 begain to moan too. Looking downwards, Sharons 1, 2 and 4 could see why. Sharon 2's pussy was being devoured by Sharon 3.

"Ooh that looks good.", said Sharon 1. "Let's all do it!", answered Sharon 3. "Agreed!", replied Sharon 4. Soon all four Sharons were lying in a circle and eating each others cunts.

Suddenly all four Sharons experienced simultaneous orgasms.

They loved it so much that all four Sharons decided to get married.

So they all showed up at the altar in identical white wedding gowns and bouquets.
It was a Saturday afternoon, and the small church was empty, save for the Justice of the peace and the organist. None of Sharons family had shown up, and it saddened each Sharon that no one was going to be there on her big day. The organist had to double as their witness. With a flurish the organist played a rather up tempo version of here comes the bride, with licks from "Inagada Devita" tinkling around the main song.

The first two Sharons came down the isle. They were both in matching dresses. They still had on their black heals, but with white nylon stockings. Their skirts were white micros, and showed off there long legs, as well as hint of the garters, and a peak at their thong bikinis. Their tops were in a low cut V, showing the cleavage right up to the point were it just covered the aora, and dipped down just short of their skirt. Their stiff nipples threatened to pop out of the dress at any moment. Their veil was a crown of white flowers, followed by a long flowing veil, that went down their back to the floor.

When they reached the alter, they waited for the second pair to come down the isle. The second pair, in identical outfits made their way up the isle. Once all four woman were there, the organist stopped and the Justice began.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the holy matrimony of Sharon, Sharon, Sharon and Sharon. Love is a many splendid thing, and to be honest, I can't think of anything more splendid than these four."

The Justice looked at the first Sharon, "Sharon, do you take these Sharons to be your lawfully wedded wives. To cherish and to hold, in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

To be continued...
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