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Adventures of Captain Sharon, Part 2 (Read 1468 times)
08/28/05 at 22:44:25

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As soon as she realized what she was doing,Sharon stopped doing it...pulled her head away from her double's crotch,swung her legs away from her double's face,took in the exact resemblance between them(down to,of course,wearing only their high heels).
The other Sharon pulled away in movements mirroring Sharon's own.Soon they were sitting on opposite sides of the bed,comparing their pasts...

"Who are you?" Sharon asked.

"Who am I? Who are you? And what are you doing with my shoes?" the other Sharon demanded.

"Your shoes? These are my shoes! And hey, you have your own pair."

"Hmm, so I do." Sharon puts her hand to her forehead. The last thing I remember was a white flash, and before that, two Nazis trying to..."

"Stop. Please stop." She looked at Sharon. "We have the same last memory...we look alike..."

"We taste alike..." Sharon replied.

"Yeah, we do," said Sharon. A mischievous grin flashed across her face before she regained her composure. Her counterpart echoed the grin as well, saying, "I remember Bobby in high school. We had swimming earlier in the school pool, and I was sitting next to him in class right after we all changed back into our clothes. I was going to ask him a question about something and stopped. He had no idea..."

"That his zipper was down and he wasn't wearing any underwear!" Sharon cut in. "He had such a huge thingy that I whispered to him right there in his class if he wanted a blow-job after school."

Both women sighed at the same time. "Such a great lay," Sharon said. "Too bad that was all he was."

"I guess we're the same person, then." Looking around, she replied, "Well, we're in my apartment, thank God, no strange WWII planes to crash-land with. Why are there two of us? Why did we split?"

"I don't know. But if you think like me..."

"Then this could have some interesting possibilities."

"Yes." Suddenly, both of them felt a dormant desire rekindled, and their pussies started to wetten at the thought of what was to come.

Both of them lunged torwards each other, their mouths interlocking and their tongues embraced in a french-kiss dance. Hands were fondling breasts and tits. Both pairs of hands caressed each others' bodies with a knowing familiarity, from hair, to the baks of their necks, to their firm buttocks and supple abs. They were both on their knees on their own bed. One Sharon lowered hersef in her parner's bosom, while the other tongued and bit her earlobes. Sharon spent her time licking her partner's tits sending waves of pleasure to her counterpart. Sharon reciprocated, and it was the other Sharon who tongued and bit the others earlobes.

"My tits are so hard," moaned the receiving Sharon.

"Well then," the giving Sharon replied, "let's make them harder."

They pressed each other's tits together and started to rub against each other. "Harder!" said one. "Yes, harder!" said the other. They pushed harder and harder until one of them suddenly stopped.

"What?" said the other. Sharon replied, "I think it's time for you to get heated up."

Before her counterpart could reply, Sharon plunged two fingers in her vagina and started thrusting. At the same time, she started licking receiving Sharon's tits.

Sharon always wondered to do this move in the past, but she never expected giving it and receiving it now, and the combination of alternating cooling down and heating up pushed receiving Sharon to the throes of orgasm.

"Ohmigod, OHMIGOD! Sharon! Sharroooonnnnnn! I'm CUUUUMMMMMNGGGGG. CUMMMINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!"

Receiving Sharon had never received such an intense climax before in her. "Alright, bitch," she panted playfully to her counterpart. Let me catch my breath."

"You liked that, didn't you?" Sharon teased as she playfully spanked her counterpart's bottom. "We taste nice. And we feel nice, too. Oh, I could just lick you all over, you bitch."

"You'll have to settle for my sweet pussy for now," Sharon replied as she mounted her in a 69 position and started thrusting her tongue deep into her counterpart's vagina walls. The other Sharon followed suit, on her back copying what the other was doing. Every change in technique by one was echoed by the other, as both started moaning. They found they both truly loved the taste
and texture of another woman. The fact that, in a way, they were masturbating as they had never done before only increased their intensity in pleasuring each other. Sharons' vaginal walls pulsated against their tongues when they stuck them in as far as they could.

"Oh Sharon! I'm - I'm - I'm" "Yes - me - too - I'm - CUM - MING - CUM - MING"


They both collapsed on each other as they simultaneously came together. They could feel each others' pussies pulsating hard against their faces as they came as they lapped each others juices.

"Oh, God," Sharon exhaled, "That was the hardest I ever came."

"Me, too," Sharon replied. "I think I'll swear off men forever after this."

"Liar. You'd want a thingy in you occassionally, just as I would," said Sharon. She dismounted from her counterpart below and snuggled up beside her. After sharing a passionate kiss, they fondled each others' breasts. "What do you want to do next?" asked Sharon.

to be continued.....
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