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Adventures of Captain Sharon, Part 1 (Read 1454 times)
08/21/05 at 00:11:28

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The plane's engines shrieked as Sharon threw it into a steep bank. Loud curses came to her from the bombardier and navigator in the nose. Hunley swore and looked at Sharon in confusion. "Ma'am! Captain; we're over the target; what's wrong?" The tail gunner reported that the entire group was following, but that formation was breaking down. Sharon was flying the lead plane in her Group's formation that day, though she had no idea of that fact. She leveled out in clear sky, having evaded the flak through her sudden turn. By some miracle, there were no mid-air collisions, and Sharon's Group sorted itself out as pilot after pilot radioed in asking what the hell was going on. Sharon looked over at Hunley in response to his gloved hand grabbing her shoulder. "Why are we here Hunley? Where are we? What's this all about?" Hunley looked aghast. "About, Ma'am? It's about nailing the ball-bearing works down there!" "But why?" "Captain, those a re Nazis down there... the enemy! You know what those Krauts are doing?" Sharon paled. Oops. Oh well, they'd have to go around again.

"Ma'am, we'll tell them we temporarily lost the target, and had to go round again," Hunley said loyally. "No, I'm not having our navigator taking the blame for what was my doing," Sharon said. "But, Ma'am, you know what will happen if I report what you said." "You must do your duty, Lieutenant. Now, no more talking. I have to concentrate on taking us in again."
Sharon's delay meant that her formation had to fly back alone, sitting ducks for the Luftwaffe. Her gunners fought hard, and Sharon flew like a pro, but it was no use. She was the last to bail out, having to take time to put on her parachute harness, so she landed away from the rest of the crew. She never saw them again. Sharon was caught -- she couldn't very well hide -- and taken to a POW camp. She never made it to the general barracks. She found herself in a small room, with a very big man. He was hairy, sweaty, meaty, and spoke with a thick accent. "Ya, you gonna pe fery happy heer mit us, fraulein!" He leered, hitching down his pants and pushing Sharon to her knees. Sharon demanded to see the Commandant. "Herr Kommandant, he ist, how you zay? He likes da poys, Ja?" The Sergeant guffawed, grabbed Sharon by the hair and jammed his great thingy into her face. The door was open a crack and Sharon could see a line of grey tunic clad, teutonic neanderthals waiting their turns. She also saw a calendar on the wall, open to August, 1943. It was going to be a very long war...

For a moment, Sharon was tempted to claim that she was a jew. At least that way she would no longer be used as a sex slave. But she knew that Belsen or Auschwitz would be far worse. She wondered, too, whether she desereved her fate. Because of her actions, the rest of her crew - perhaps all the crews in her group - were at best prisoners, but more probably dead.
So the next few hours were hellish, as one guard after another crappity smacked her. Then, when she was almost on the point of exhaustion, there was a white flash, and she found herself:

By now the sudden changes of milieu had lost some of their shock value.She was now used to her large naked breasts,and to wearing only the five-inch heels.But in this reality,she was no longer a bomber pilot,but...

She was...lying down on a bed, 69ing a woman who looked exactly like herself.

To be continued...
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